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ā€¢ Also, in case you were out last week ā€” we had an epic time celebrating le joi de vivre over at the Paris Auto Show. But now we're back ā€” and not a moment too soon. If we had to encounter one more skinny little frenchman trying to tell us Paris had a bigger show than Detroit...we think we'd sock them.
ā€¢ Sean Hannity, the official voice of General Motors? Geez, guess they're not even gonna try to court the liberal intelligentsia anymore, eh? And by the way ā€” "You're A Great American"'s already our tag line so we'll be waiting for those royalty checks. [NYT]
ā€¢ GM makes over Saturn, adds stylish, modern cars to lineup while keeping core values. What the hell was the core value of Saturn? We always thought it was building nasty vanilla cars. [Detroit News]
ā€¢ Today's Mulally's first day on the job over in Dearborn. What's he get to do on his first day? How about announcing last month's sales numbers? Ooh, this should be interesting. [Freep]

ā€¢ Unlike Aussies, when we get naked, we try not to go running around in the streets. [Herald Sun]