1977 Ford Thunderbird Was Built For Flight

It seems logical to think a 3910 pound vehicle with less than 200 horsepower regardless of engine choice isn't exactly a car ready to "take flight".


However as you can see from this strange vintage advertisement, logic didn't deter Ford from trying to convince 1977 Thunderbird buyers otherwise.

A completely new Thunderbird idea took wing that year—a fancy way of saying the car was redesigned and smaller than the previous model—and as you can see at least one woman was very pleased by the idea.

Although we see the car speeding down the runway and "driving through the clouds", in rather disappointing fashion this advertisement is missing any footage of the "built for flight" Thunderbird actually flying through the air.



It could be worse. The Fox-body Thunderbird that followed immediately (not the Fox-body Aerobird, which was a sublime revelation by comparison) was arguably worse. The hideous styling cues mixed with tiny size are worse than the styling cues on an appropriately-sized car.

The only way this Thunderbird would move a speedometer needle that fast would be if the back wheels were off the ground.