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We have a feeling that Emil Rensing may behind this. And seeing as he and his wife Keri own an RS4, a Neun Elf and one of those good-for-nothing half-breed Gallardo SEs (the baby Lambo's precision is sullied by what the Italians refer to as "passion," but true believers in the power of wafer-sliced-micron-thin tolerances understand as an excuse to drink grappa on the job), he's obviously a believer in the power of fine German engineering and workmanship. (And yes, as a citizen of the EU, Belgian Luc Donckerwolcke was bestowed Emergency German Citizenship in an attempt to revive Lambo's wayward styling until such time as an appropriate German could be located to redefine precision in Lambo design.) Just in case there was any wonder left in your kopf, doof.

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