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So Dr. Z may be out as the official spokesgerman of the German-American hybrid's Chrysler Group, but that don't mean it's the end of advertising this year for the company. Chrysler Group CEO, Tom LaSorda told media folks gathered after a speech yesterday to the Automotive Press Association (talk about into a frying pan) advertising spending "is going up dramatically" in the second part of this year, with Advertising Age predicting the automaker will more than double what it spent in the first half of the year during the remainder of 2006 — and that means Chrysler's second-half budget could be over a billion bucks. Although a good chunk of that change will go to marketing new-model launches, the rest will be looking to continue to market the blend of DaimlerChrysler's American design with German engineering — only on a non-"Dr Z" platform. Oh and while they'll be boosting ad spending, they'll probably be making some structural cuts — how else are they gonna pay for all that tv time?

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