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Please excuse our preposterous prepositional use, but "In Which Preview Are You Most Interested" sounded stilted to our rough-trade American ears. Nonetheless, we're heading to the Paris Motor Show tomorrow, where a full house of Jalopnik editors (yes, even Mr. Wert) will be covering the proceedings. Donning our flak jackets engineered to protect against European photographers' elbows, we'll be doing the press-event boogie during the media prevew days on Thursday, September 28 and Friday, September 29. The show promises a ton of unveilings and introductions, which brings us to our latest poll. Which of the major previews, dear readers, matter most to you? That is, how should we spend our coverage time (other than looking up absinthe bars online and trying to talk our way into Audi's secret night-before bash)? Select after the jump, and elaborate in the comments. Also, remember to check our Paris show feed for all the coverage that matters.

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