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We'll not put anything past Michael Bay — because when Michael Bay finds something he likes, we feel like he'll use it and use it and use it again until it's worn, busted and ready for demolition. Kind of like Detroit's old Michigan Central Train Station. It's a set spot Bay's used once before for a scene from his movie "The Island" — and it would appear based on reports from Detroit's WDIV, he's looking for a return engagement at the beginning of October to see if he can't beat the shit out of the rusted, craptastic and altogether scary as hell hulk of a former train station one more time. So, will this mean we'll get to see the concept Saleen Camaro take a run through the streets of Detwa dressed up in Bumblebee-gold-and-black? Who knows — but we know we've one fan-boy on staff who'll be looking to find out come October 1st. Hell, it's really just another excuse to head over to Slow's BBQ across the street — where more than one Jalopnik editor's found himself on one or two occassions.

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