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Forget that the 2017 Ford Raptor lost two cylinders. There's only one important question about the truck that brought prerunning into the showroom, and I asked it.

The rush to get down to the new Raptor was a mess. Photographers swarmed the truck and reporters clustered around Ford's super press person Mike Levine. Everyone was asking about when the truck would be in showrooms (Fall 2016), if the transmission really has ten gears (yes) and what multi-door configurations it will have (both Super Cab and Super Crew).

I blurted out my question and Levine turned to me. For a moment he looked, I don't know, lost? Confused. Distant.

Someone then asked about which parts of the truck are steel and which are aluminum and he snapped back into his PR zone, saying something about the bed that I didn't catch.


But he never answered my question, the most important one for the Raptor there is.

"You ever take it off any sweet jumps?"


Photo Credits: Raphael Orlove