2015 Nissan Versa Now Has Indicators In Its Mirrors, Still Super Cheap

It was unlikely the 2015 Nissan Versa was going to look worse than the outgoing model, but a splash of chrome, new wheels and fancy new door mirrors have livened up the least expensive new car you can buy. A little, anyway.

Ahead of its debut next week at the New York Auto Show, Nissan has shown off the refreshed Versa sedan. Adding more chrome to the grille and wheels from the sportier Versa Note SR hatchback, and the Versa now looks exactly like the Sentra and Altima. Good luck telling them apart if you're a Nissan salesperson.


Other changes include a new center stack from the Versa Note and standard Bluetooth. Fuel economy is still 31/40 for cars with the CVT (that's most of them) because the 1.6-liter 109-horsepower engine is unchanged. Hey, they had to keep it cheap and they spent all of their money on new mirrors.

How cheap? Well, the Versa S with a 5-speed manual goes for $11,990. And it now includes a passenger-side vanity mirror, too. Such value.


Photos: Nissan

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