2015 GMC Yukon Explodes In Flames During Test Drive

It's not like General Motors needs to worry about any more of its products catching fire or anything, but we'll withhold judgment before we know the full circumstances on how a brand-new SUV suddenly caught fire while a potential customer was testing it.

KTLA reports that passengers inside a 2015 GMC Yukon were caught off guard when the truck suddenly began smoking during a test drive in Anaheim. They exited the vehicle, then watched as the Yukon burst into flames.


Firefighters say an oil leak may be to blame. "They lost complete control of the vehicle but were able to safely park it and pull it to the curb."

The blast set off small explosions and burst the tires (a common occurrence during car fires as our own Andrew Collins learned) before firefighters put out the blaze. No one was injured.


In an email to Jalopnik, GMC spokesman Alan Adler writes, "GM is aware of the fire in Anaheim on Sunday. We are glad no one was hurt. We are working urgently on the issue and we have a team of investigators traveling to Anaheim to learn what they can about the fire."

Screenshot via KTLA

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