2015 Ford Mustang will be all-new

MustangDaily claims an all-new version of Ford's pony car will debut as a 2015 model, with a refreshed Mustang coming in 2013 to fill the gap. Wanna bet it'll still have a truck axle in the back?


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Unless the IRS is properly developed and not half baked like the Zeta Platform Camaro, which can not out handle the current Mustang with its Live rear axle. The current Mustang is lighter than the Australian derived and Canadian Assembled Camaro, as well as the two gen old Mercedes E-Coupe platform that underpins the Challenger. It is fitting that the Challenger is the porkiest of the three though as it seems in closest character to the original 1970s Challengers. I've driven the 2011 Mustang with the 3.7 and the sra, it handled just fine on both a steering and handling course, as well as in a convertible on the auto cross course, and although the snarl of the v6 was a little bit muted compared to the GT500 and regular 5.0 GT I've had the privilege of riding in around a wet skid pad, oh infinite joy of joys it was still great fun.