2015 Ford F-150 Has LED Headlamps, And Just One Per Side!

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The Blue Oval is very pleased to announce that the 2015 Ford F-150 will be the first pickup truck to have LED headlamps, with so much refracting in the housing that only one diode is needed per side. Apparently they're also tough as hell.

Light is spread and magnified by 16 optical surfaces and 80 facets on the lenses; each headlamp only contains one LED. See that, Acura? Dial it back already.


Ford lighting expert John Teodecki stands behind his work: "This lens just won't break. We fire stones at it, expose it to extreme sun, soak it in saltwater, shoot rocks, rock salt and ice – this thing is very tough to crack."

Another LED accent tube outlines the headlamp housing to create what Ford hopes will become a "signature look."

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