2015 Corvette Will Have Eight Speed Auto, Trade In Your 2014 Now

If you bought a 2014 Corvette with the six speed automatic, I have two notes for you. First, you shouldn't have done that. Second, GM is putting its new eight speed in the 2015 cars. Trade in your 2014 now.

We had already heard that the eight speed would be coming to the 2015 car a few months back, but that was just a rumor at the time with nothing official. But now GM has made it official with today's announcement that the 2015 car will indeed be available with the same transmission option as the forthcoming Z06.


Chevy says that the new eight speed has super fast shifts and increased efficiency. It also makes the 2014's craptastic six speed auto immediately obsolete, which means people looking for a cheap C7 Corvette in a few months need to look no further than a 2014 with the autobox.

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