2015 Corvette Pacific: Fool Everyone Into Thinking It's A Z06

Want a 2015 Corvette Z06? Can't afford it or don't want to wait until it's out next year? Here's a way to fool everyone into thinking you have one. Only your HPDE instructor will know for sure!

This lovely red beast is the 2015 Corvette Stingray Pacific, one of two design packages set to debut later this year. It was first introduced at SEMA last year, also known as Mike Ballaban's Early Christmas, and now it's going into production. Unlike a lot of the stuff that comes from SEMA, it looks damn good, if I do say so myself.


What you get is a Z51-package Stingray in red, black, white, silver, or a new shade of gray, racing stripes, a carbon fiber roof, competition seats, and a carbon fiber front and rear aero kit that makes it look not unlike the Big Nasty, the Z06.

I mentioned there are two packages, and here's the other one: the Corvette Stingray Atlantic Design Package, which they say is inspired by "private jets seen at European vacation destinations." That seems like the kind of people Corvette owners like to give double middle fingers to as they blast past with both tires smoldering, but okay, sure. Whatever.

The Atlantic comes with the front splitter from the Z06 and a number of other special aesthetic touches. It's exclusive to the Z51 convertible, and I think it also looks pretty good.


They're both nice, but the Pacific strikes me as the way to go, especially in that red. Who needs European private jet vacations, anyway?

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