Last year's Top Gear Christmas DVD, entitled The Perfect Road Trip, was a little less than perfect, to put it lightly. In grand Top Gear tradition, everything went wrong. So this year, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson are back, with the ingeniously titled The Perfect Road Trip 2. It should be interesting, to say the least.


The first Perfect Road Trip was actually one of the better Top Gear DVDs, all things considering, as they tend to be pretty hit and miss. It wasn't the best of the recent ones, mind you – that award probably goes to The Worst Car In The World – but it definitely had the right ingredients. Cars, cars, and serious problems preventing the crew from ever making its destination, all added up to your typical TG fare.

This second trip looks like it's got the right ingredients, too, with a Lamborghini, some McLarens, some Alfas, spaghetti, a Corvette, and Hammond crashing a car.

Sounds pretty par for the course.

H/t to Andrew!

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