2014 Ford Mustang: More rumors!

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The boys over at AutoExpress have divined the tea leaves, and tell us today that they've learned the 2014 Ford Mustang will, for the first time, ditch the decades-old live rear axle in favor of an independent rear suspension.

In addition, they claim that, in order to make the muscle car competitive globally, power will come from a new 2.5-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost turbo that'll make somewhere around 300 bhp, while a range-topping 500 bhp 5.4-liter V8 will be available, too.


A six-speed manual and auto transmission are likely to be offered with torque vectoring to keep the performance in check, while the handling is expected to be tuned by Jost Capito and his team at Ford's Global Performance Vehicles arm.

The car will also reportedly be smaller and lighter than the current model. And although the retro styling will remain intact, the interior will be significantly improved with higher quality materials and advanced technology.

Well, we already exclusively told you that Bill Ford's slipped the news we'll see an EcoBoost-equipped Mustang. But what about IRS? Is that a bridge too far? What do you think?

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The 1999 Mustang SVT Cobra had IRS...just saying.