2014 Ford Fiesta ST: Meet The US-Bound Mini Me Of The Hot Hatch World

Hot hatchbacks are the best of both worlds. Sports car performance, awesome looks, and they can swallow belongings. Sign us up.

Now Ford is bringing the proverbial mini-me of the hot hatch world to market: Say hello to the Fiesta ST. And yes, it's coming to America.


The Fiesta ST has 197 horsepower and 214 pound feet of torque under an aggressive and lightweight five-door body. It should be fun to drive too, since Ford is letting owners row their own gears with a six-speed manual tranny. You can't even get an autobox.

And for those of you that care about such things, it can get 34 MPG on the highways and byways of the US and A.

So basically, it has the most power in the wee-little end of the hot hatch market (think Sonic RS and Mini Cooper S) with as much power as the current Golf GTI. Not. Too. Shabby.


We'll see the new ST at the LA Auto Show later this week.

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