Hey, you know what the BMW 4-series looks like? Well, the 4-series is that car without a roof. Sometimes. When the roof is down.

See, I thought BMW was going to introduce the 2-series to us here at the show. How naive I was. That car isn't going to appear. Instead, we got to see the X4 Concept (that BMW confirms they will build) that appeared in April, the new X5, and the i8 (which looks spectacular, even if it is pooping out a 911).


The 4-series Convertible, which we've already seen, made it's world debut. As you'd expect, it has a retractable hardtop and will have the same engine choices as the 4-series coupe.


This will be the first 3-series convertible, I mean 4-series, with xDrive available so you can drive top down in the Alps. It also has neck warmers available, to keep your ultimate driving neck ultimately driving warm.

Look for it next year.