2013 Toyota RAV4: Boring In Pictures, Boring In Person

These are the first live pictures of the redesigned compact crossover from Toyota, which Travis wrote about yesterday and said it looked like the automotive equivalent of Advil PM.


They've tried to butch up the front and add more cladding, and in black it bears a passing resemblance to a Mazda CX-5, but it's still the inoffensive RAV4 people have come to know and buy.

Toyota will fully reveal all the details on the new RAV at its news conference starting at 9 a.m. LA time, where we will learn more, probably run of the mill, info on Toyota's new model. Set your alarms, in case you doze off.

UPDATE: We've been calling it a 2014. Apparently it's a 2013. Sorry? - T.O.

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