A sneaky photographer managed to get a couple shots of the new Porsche Cayman before its release at the LA Auto Show at the end of this month.

The headlights are covered with camo stickers, but I think it's safe to expect a set of dual, vertically-stacked lights similar to what's on the 2013 Boxster. As expected, the door treatment with integrated scoops and the taillights with integrated spoiler are all carried over from the new Boxster, continuing Porsche's trend of integrating things with things. Those little red reflectors on the rear bumper, though— maybe they could spend a bit more time integrating those, if they're real.


It also appears that the rear window edge has been masked as well, and possibly the taillights. And, I bet, the floormats are flipped over, but I can't prove that from these images.

So far, it looks pretty close to how we've looked at the Boxster and imagined it, which is a good thing.

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