2013 Nissan Pathfinder: First Photos

Nissan's come a long way since 1986. From the pickup-with a back first generation, Nissan has re-invented the once-humble Pathfinder into a luxury kiddie hauler. The 2013 Nissan Pathfinder has seven seats, promises 19 MPG city/28 highway fuel economy and goes on-sale late this year.

Details of the new not-a-minivan are coming at some unspecified future date, with Nissan releasing only this handful of photos. Seemingly intended to create buzz around "innovative" new styling, they reveal a car that looks like a Murano crossed with an Armada. Not a surprise since the Pathfinder sits between the four-seat crossover and the larger, but also 7-seat mega machine.


Unveiled on Nissan's Facebook page, brand fans have expressed disappointment that Nissan is coming over all CX-9 instead of rugged off-roader.

In comments, Ross Silva complains,

"I miss the older more aggressive off road inspired style, this looks like a minivan now, c'mon nissan STEP IT UUUUUUP!!"

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