2013 Mustang to get "Track Apps" LCD display

Apps this, apps that. Everyone's gone app crazy, even Ford, which will deliver the 2013 Mustang with a 4.2-inch LCD screen from which a driver can get massive amounts of performance-related information — from G-force readouts to temperature gauges spanning various internals (engine, transmission, intake, etc.) — and even "Track Apps."


What are these Track Apps? As far as we can tell from a few display panels recently shown to dealers, they're mostly accelerometer-related, including 0-60 mph and 0-100 mph times, eighth-mile and quarter-mile times, by way of a simulated dragstrip Christmas tree.

There are probably more, but we'll probably have to wait a year (or until the next leak) to get a look at them. Either way, looks like Ford engineers have taken a cue from the Nissan GT-R and created an interface fit for the detail-obsessed track nerd in all of us.

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