2012 Toyota Camry: A new photo!

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Just a few minutes ago, Toyota released yet another official image of the new 2012 Toyota Camry. This time, they did it over the twitters. OMG, it's a... yes, yes it is... it's the headlight... again! Wow. I'm just besides myself. I think I... yes, yes I did just have a beigegasm over the latest and greatest mid-size toaster oven from Toyota.

I'm sorry, it's just so hard to contain myself. Deep breaths, Ray, deep breaths... in through the nose, out through the mouth. Or was it in through the mouth, out through the nose?



Nope, that was definitely the wrong way to do it.

But where was I? Ah, yes, the new Camry. Well, there it is — the headlight. Again. For the second time.

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Red means,,,,,

Very little,,

Still a Camry

What's a palindrome that's the opposite of RacecaR?

A Toyota! Race fast... safe car: a Toyota

Have a nice day.

[drops microphone, walks off]