2012 Dodge Charger SRT8: Everything you need to know

We already know the 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 will be more powerful, look more aggressive and have a new, adaptive-damping suspension (welcome to the 2010s, boys!), but what of the geekier minutiae? Allpar's ascertained some of these devilish details.

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News: In an effort to reach Dodge's target market they have came to the conclusion, that

American's don't know what they really want. So, Dodge being the inventive auto manufacturer

it is, has built what they believe is what Americans want. They want a vehicle that emulates

them in every way with lots of "power" to move them off the line. How you say?

1. They make them as heavy as the majority of Americans

2.They slap as much lipstick to hide the herp

3. Big wheel = cool

4. Stereo as loud as Eric Claptons glasses

5. More horsepower is needed as all roads in America are straight and that what its built for

6. Enough glass to get Whitney off her chair to see

There you have a recipe to satisfy young and old alike.