Running alongside the 2011 Toyota 4Runner shot earlier was the 2011 Toyota Sienna. Based on what well-placed sources are telling us, Toyota is going for minivan blood this time.


The next Sienna is planned for a debut sometime this fall with sales following in 2010 and it's going to be bringing the heat. It will wear styling borrowed from the Camry and the 2010 Prius, but it's more the inside which will cause heartburn to the competitors with rumored features in the top-shelf model like Lay-Z-Boy-style reclining captains chairs complete with leg rests as well as a novel, extra-wide single video screen. Think of it like a 20:9 aspect ratio television screen, and the suspicion is the unit will run two video sources simultaneously. Should be interesting to see how it goes up against Chrysler's bread-and-butter minivans, one of the few product lines we're positive someone would snap up if Cerberus decides to chop Chrysler up and sell off the pieces. (Thanks for the pics Brian)