2011 Shelby GT500: What To Expect

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Doing anything at 1:30 PM EST today? OK, doing anything important? No? OK, then come here to see the 2011 Shelby GT500 unveiled online ahead of the in-real-life unveil at this week's Chicago Auto Show. But what should we expect?


All we know is the big ol' iron block is expected to be replaced with an all-aluminum engine block for reduced weight plus a few additional horses.

Additionally, the new Shelby also will get Ford's electronic power-assist steering system, high-intensity headlamps and a few other minor improvements. Other new options for 2011 include a glass roof for the GT500 coupe and two new colors: Race Red and Ingot Silver Metallic.

We're also hearing a new SVT package (SVT Cobra? Yeah, sorry, probably not) will include — according to a Ford order book by way of the Detroit News — a new version of the limited-slip rear axle, 19-inch front and 20-inch rear painted forged aluminum wheels, as well as upgraded front and rear springs and rear shocks.

The SVT package also will include a special gear shift knob, a different paint scheme with unique striping.

We'll find out more later today.



I have never understood why Ford seemed to think that an iron block was necessary for it's supercharged engines. All of the modular series engines had very strong aluminum blocks. I have seen many, many 96-01 Mustang Cobras with the aluminum block DOHC 4.6's making 4 digit power figures and the block was never what failed in the event of a failure. So why saddle the supercharged engines (5.4 and 4.6)with iron blocks and an extra 100 lbs where you want it least (over the front axle) when the aluminum block is many times over strong enough without the weight penalty? The 07 GT500 should have had this block. I realize with the 5.4 they didn't have an aluminum block waiting on the shelf like they did with the 4.6, but it wouldn't have been too hard to cast the block in aluminum instead of iron. Glad they finally did it, but man it took long enough. In any case, this makes a badass car even more of a BAMF.