2011 Nissan Quest: The Minivan For Strippers?

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If you're a stripper or a porn star, your minivan of choice is likely a 2011 Nissan Quest. At least based entirely on the first POI choice given by its navigation system.


Here's what the boys at FamilyCarReview had to say when driving it for the first time earlier this month:

While scrolling through the "Places" menu in the navigation system, my driving partner Alvin Jones of Planet Vehicle ran across a "Leisure" submenu. He clicked that, and what's the first thing that appeared? A selection called "Adult Entertainment." Casinos, maybe? Bars? Nope, there are separate entries for those activities. Actually, the "Adult Entertainment" menu is exactly what you'd think. A quick click displayed the location of several nearby adult-themed establishments. That is, I'm assuming that "High Heeled Honeys" isn't a shoe store, and San Diego's "The Body Shop" isn't where you go to fix dents.


[via FamilyCarReview]

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"Daddy like."

Edit: Nibbles, you annoy me. For posterity's sake, I present the comment as it was meant to be below.