Illustration for article titled 2011 Infiniti M Teaser Sketch Previews Virtual Pebble Beach Unveil

Nissan's released this teaser of the 2011 Infiniti M, set to debut August 14th at the Pebble Beach Concours, kinda. It's actually going to be digitally revealed, projected onto a blank foam model. Weird.

Apparently Infiniti wants to project an image of advanced technology with its reveal of the latest generation of its M sedan as they'll be using some techno-geekery to show off their latest car in a virtual sense. Using an array of linked projectors beaming images of the car onto a dimensionally accurate 3D foam model, they'll be revealing the new M in a superfluous display of technology. Seems like maybe a next best option after the real deal didn't get finished in time.


In any case, it'll be the only confirmed showing of the next generation car, as we don't know specifically which show it'll be presented at formally, but the Frankfurt Motor Show is a good bet.

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