2011 Chevrolet Tacuma Minivan Spotted Testing In Germany

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Finally, our long national nightmare of proboscis-toting Chevrolet Uplanders is nearly over, as these spy photos reveal its replacement, the Chevrolet Tacuma. Hopefully that name is just a placeholder, as naming a minivan after a direct competitor's mid-sized truck would seem confusing. Other than that, thank the stars, as this people hauler actually looks like it has a normal shape. Check out the rear doors though — they're hinged at the front, so this one does ingress old-timey style like the first-gen Honda Odyssey.

Sources at NextAutos are claiming the new Madza5-sized minivan will be based on the quickly expanding Delta platform line, which also underpins the Chevy Volt, Chevy Cruze, and future Saabs. They further claim the mini-minivan will be built at GM's Hamtramck assembly facility in 2010 as a 2011 product. The Hamtramck plant, if you recall, is also where the Chevy Volt is planned for production. Hmm, Delta platform, Ham-Town Assembly, lots of open space... We're not speculating or anything, but a minivan with a Volt powertrain would cast a mighty big shadow on the as-yet uninvented eco-friendly family hauler market. [NextAutos]


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I call myself Elhigh because my real name is worse. At least everyone can pronounce this.

Now, as for people saying Tacuma correctly, I think GM is in for an ugly shock, the kind of shock that people get when they realize their favorite brand of band-aid is NOT, in fact, Band-Aid. So Chevy will probably be uncorking a much less dumb name Real Soon Now. Something with no negative connotations, no unfortunate comparisons.

How about "Inka?"