2010 Volkswagen Golf R: Closest To Scirocco R We'll Ever Get

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Volkswagen will unveil the 2010 VW Golf R at this week's Frankfurt Motor Show. The Golf R will share basic underpinnings with the recently-unveiled Scirocco R plus it'll add VW's 4Motion AWD. Only other difference? We'll probably get this one.


Replacing the heavy naturally-aspirated 3.2-liter V6 found in the Golf V R32 will be a 2.0-liter gas turbo engine with 265 HP. That'll help give the Golf R a 0-to-62 time of about 6.5 seconds for the 6-speed manual and 6.4 seconds for the DSG model.

Those are numbers that'll compare really well with the Audi S3 and the TT S — both share the same engine with the the Golf R.

On the looks side of the package, if you thought it would be a basic upgrade on the GTI — you'd be wrong. The car features a host of changes like a new front grille with LED daytime running lights, a different set of wheels, R side sills, R badging at the rear and twin pipes that look like they almost come together in the middle. The interior also gets some more "sport" as well with two-tone sports seats, aluminum pedals and R badging in places like the flat-bottomed steering wheel.

The good news for US fan-boys at VWVortex is the Golf R is still headed for North America, according to recent reports. We look forward to playing with one if that's the case. [VW via WorldCarFans]



Oh good. Let me get all the Volkswagen-hating comments out of the way, shall I?

It's too boring, too slow. Too expensive. Should have a V8/V6/W12/anything other than what's in it. Too overstyled, too understyled. The electricals are going to blow up in a giant ball of flames. It shouldn't be turbocharged. It should be a hybrid. It should be TDI. Diesels suck. This one time back in the 60s my dad/uncle/granddad/neighbour/cousin/dog had a VW and it broke down this one time therefore all VWs are shit. Why is it blue, silver would be nicer. OMG is that chrome? NEVER put chrome on a car. VW makes the Smartcar and I hate it. The GTI is too fat to be a real sports car.

Are there any I missed, or shall we just say I've covered it and declare the thread over?