2010 Toyota Prius, Venza Spotted On 405

Illustration for article titled 2010 Toyota Prius, Venza Spotted On 405

Intrepid reader and impromptu spy photographer Brian sent us these images of a camo-covered 2010 Toyota Prius hamming it up with a 2009 Toyota Venza on California's 405 freeway outside of Long Beach. This tag team of dynamic excitement is pounding the pavement of the 90801 ahead of the Detroit Auto Show premier of the Prius. Keep in mind, we've already seen complete pictures of the new Prius, and ToMoCo has been pummeling us with coma-inducing teaser shots, so these are really just a study in purpose-free camouflage.


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pedal to the mettle

I'm pretty sure the Venza was designed by a guy named Hugh Jass.