2010 Toyota Prius Spotted, Ironically, At Gas Station

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A next-generation 2010 Toyota Prius was snapped in full camo regalia filling up at a gas station. So what can we tell? Mainly that the Prius' has totally ripped off the styling of the new Honda Hybrid, differentiating their design with the addition of a small spoiler on the rear. Reports state, and these pictures seem to confirm, that the main visual changes to the 2010 Prius will be on the interior, with a much more integrated cockpit design taking the place of the tacked-on bins-'n-pods look of the current car. You can get your helping of hybrid smug — made-in-America by 2011, no less — midway through 2009, the tentative date for the Toyota vs. Honda hybrid battle royale! [Drive.com.au]

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Ash78, voting early and often


1. Objective truth: One of the best ways to minimize coefficient of drag while providing maximum interior space.

2. Subjective opinion: They have to look freakish to differentiate themselves from "regular cars." Part of the hybrid cachet is just being different/weird/unique.