2010 Toyota Celica: Name Of New Subieyota Coupe?

4WheelsNews claims L'Automobile Magazine is reporting the schizophrenically thought-to-be-canceled rear-wheel-drive platform jointly developed between Toyota and Subaru is still on and will receive a back-from-the-dead name: 2010 Toyota Celica.


Sorry for the convoluted report on who's reporting what here, but we're going off a post on 4wheelsnews that claims Automobile Magazine L'Automobile Magazine (sorry, it was the French-fried magazine, not the Freedom-fried version!) is reporting the rear-wheel-drive platform Toyota and Subaru are jointly developing will receive the resurrected Toyota name for Toyota's version of the coupe. This would be another reversal in Celica platform history, a car that started on a rear-wheel-drive platform for the first few generations before getting a front-wheel-drive / four-wheel-drive platform and then a full-on front-wheel-only platform for the last generation. We'll have more as we get it. [L'Automobile Magazine (maybe?) via 4wheelsnews]

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