We've just received some photos from Death Valley of the 2010 Mazda3 undergoing some extreme weather testing, which we hope well temporarily sate the appetites of those excited by the exceptional Mazda3 photoshops. A few details on the car are noticeable despite the heavy camouflaging, including a peak at the lower part of those nose, revealing the Nagare design language also present on the Mazda Kazamai Concept, something we were expecting.


The most intriguing details might be in the rear (nullus), where the Mazda's shoulders seem to be raised and the deck is clearly shortened compared to the current generation Mazda3. The taillights also appear to be more dramatic and aggressive, angling where the current lights merely wrap. Given the direction Mazda is going in with its design, we can't wait to see the real thing. (thanks to Cord for the tip) [Mariusz on Flickr]

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