The quick shooters of KGP managed to capture not one, but two 2010 Lexus RX prototypes. The pair were in Germany to, you guessed it, test at the Nurburgring, which will help serve it well with that key New Trier High School cheerleader demo it's popular with. Immediately noticeable below the tape is a revised nose, which includes sleeker headlights replacing the previous generation's wide-eyed stare. The taillights also seem to have shrunk, reflecting a smoother design that just screams CX-7. Not surprisingly, the whole design was teased with the Lexus LF-Xh concept at Tokyo last year.

Proportionally, the latest RX seems lower and longer, more crossover than SUV. No word on nomenclature, though this should continue to sport the same 3.5-Liter RX meaning it could be the RX350. Also possible is the addition of a V8 and, in a year, a hybrid model is a no-brainer.