2010 Kia VG Spied, Seoul Seniors Celebrate

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Available the end of next year, the 2010 Kia VG will be the Korean brand's entry in the front-wheel-drive full-size sedan market, a segment that might be ripe for the picking seeing as the Toyota Avalon is likely dying off. Going head to head with the Hyundai Azera, the VG will be powered by either a 3.3L or 3.8L Lambda V6.

Sure, it all sounds boring, but that's pretty much the name of the game when your competition is the Buick Lucerne. No word on pricing yet, but we're assuming it will undercut its Hyundai brother.
[TheCarBlogger via GMInsideNews]


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@joshman: In defense of rental cars everywhere.... the actual cost of renting a car hasn't gone up much in the past 8 years, has it? I remember renting a sub-compact (Sub-Compact = Dodge Neon) ten years ago (in Phoenix no less) for about the same costs of a full size now (Full Size = Chevrolet Impala). You all have to agree with me that rental cars are better than they were...

And the reason why the price of rental cars remain nearly the same? Over capacity of the auto industry, from domestics that dump cars into the fleets, to the upstart imports dumping cars into rental agencies. Soon, the Avis, National, Hertz, and Enterprise lots will be crawling with Chinese, Indian, and who knows what soon, so be glad to get into a Kia, or Hyundai, because they could get a lot worse.