2010 Honda Odyssey

It looks like the 2010 Honda Odyssey will get a minor refresh. The centerpiece? Honda's new family grille.

The American version of the Honda Odyssey has always had a cult following amongst the small set of minivan enthusiasts so we expect the 2010 Honda Odyssey to continue to find fans, despite the bucktooth grille also featured on the new 2009 Honda Pilot. Sadly, it doesn't appear we'll be getting the sharp-looking JDM Honda Odyssey.


According to The Honda Portal, the new Odyssey will likely get an updated version of the 3.5-liter gasoline engine currently in the Odyssey, as well an updated interior. The same source says a diesel V6 is in the works but, we'd imagine, this is going to be on hold until the market improves or the price of diesel decreases significantly.

Expect to see many of these on the road to Ithica.

[Burlapp Cars]

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