The Texas Auto Writers Association, made up mostly of people whose work you've never seen, has named the Ford F-150 Raptor SVT the "Truck of Texas." We question the decision makers but not the decision. Like Katemcy, the Raptor rocks.


Texans love their trucks so much that automakers have to name special editions of their full-sized offerings just for the state; for example the Texas Edition Toyota Tundra/Silverado/Titan, Dodge Ram Laredo, King Ranch Edition F-Series, and Port Arthur Edition Mitsubishi Raider. As you can read in our review, the Raptor is a vehicle capable of crossing terrain from El Paso to Beaumont.

Granted, for such a small production number the "Truck of Texas" will not be driven or owned by the vast majority of Texan truck buyers. But we imagine it'll have a good chunk of its sales in the state.

UPDATE: It seems the F-150 line is the truck of Texas and the Raptor is the "Full-Size Truck of Texas." MOST. CONFUSING. AWARD NAMES. EVER.

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