2010 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Detail Teaser Shots

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The last 24 hours has been one for the record books for those anxious to see the 2010 Ford Mustang. We've seen a nearly full reveal of the new Mustang's interior, clear spy photos of the 2010 Shelby GT500 and now this set of official teaser shots from Ford of what appears to be the 2010 Ford Mustang GT Convertible. These new shots clearly show a lot of details of the car that frustratingly, we'd already expected. Not much new to see here boys, but what there is, we've got below the jump.
The new-style headlights tucked deeply into the sharply angled curve portray the nose we were expecting and, in profile, the beltline has a kink that is reminiscent of the 1967 Mustang convertible. The revised steering wheel conforms to what we've seen and the GT badge isn't much of a surprise. The new GT wheels carry over the classic 'stang five-spoke design but add a deep well and more effects along the edge. Stay tuned to Jalopnik as this slow and painful Bataan Mustang death march continues until the LA Auto Show in November. [Source: Ford]


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These gauges are black letters on white where the images of the interior earlier were white letters on black.