2010 Ferrari F10: Felipe Massa On The Wet-Track Attack

There are two lessons here: One, looking through the corner is important. Two, there's nothing like a helmet cam to make in-car footage more interesting. It's bumpy. It's choppy. It's wet. His head gets knocked around. Manly!

The video below was shot during last month's testing at Jerez. Brazilian driver, Italian car, pimpy white leather gloves. The camera is aimed a bit low, but the footage is entertaining. You can also see some interesting weirdness at the beginning when the car is being prepped in the garage.


The bottom video is from a dry test in Bahrain in 2009. We've included it for perspective — there's a hell of a lot more speed when the track isn't wet — and because of the little flicks of oversteer. (Oversteer!)

[YouTube via Axis of Oversteer]

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