2010 Chevy Camaro, SS: Reviewed

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Looks like the buff books, Edmunds and even us all got beat to a review of the 2010 Chevy Camaro and Camaro SS by the breathless forum fan-boys over at CamaroZ28.


Heck, now Automobile shouldn't even try their muscle car comparison they're setting up on the West Coast — they'll just get beaten to the punch by the forums. Why even try anymore? We're just happy to know someone got the exclusive on it — and it wasn't AutoWeek. Still, we're thinking we should be expecting a few less breathless and more in depth reviews to be coming in the next couple of months. [CamaroZ28]


I can't speak for the production version, but having sat in a pre-production version of the new Camaro last month, I can say that the interior is pretty crappy. It was a sea of cheap, LEGO-quality plastic. There were huge, uneven gaps around the plastic panels inside the door and on the dash. The dials felt like they were going to break off in my hand. The latch for the glove box didn't catch very well. It was like sitting in an Aveo. I know the Camaro is in a very different class than the Corvette, but the difference in interior quality is staggering.

Maybe the production version will be better.