2010 BMW V5, Because Minivans Make Too Much Sense

It's been a while since we last saw the 2010 BMW V5, but if these new shots acquired by Autogespot are any indication, it looks like the the crossover based on the next-generation BMW 5-Series is still on course for production. To most people, the V5 is simply a blob on four wheels, but BMW insists that this is a "Progressive Activity Sedan." And what is that, really?


Jalopnik Snap Judgment: With 5-Series underpinnings, both RWD and AWD versions are possible. We just hope more emphasis will be put on practicality than pseudo off-road capability (think Mercedes R-Class more than BMW X6). Despite the extra interior space, the V5 will likely be just another Euro-snob barge for people that should really just buy (dare we say it) a minivan.
[Autogespot via CarScoop]

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