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2009 VW Polo: Geneva Expo Billboard Provides First Official Glimpse

Illustration for article titled 2009 VW Polo: Geneva Expo Billboard Provides First Official Glimpse

The all-new 2009 VW Polo's set to be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, but it got an early reveal today on a huge ad on the side of the Geneva Palexpo center.


Seen here for the first time is an image of the brand-new set-to-be-unveiled-in-hours 5-door Volkswagen Polo revealed a little bit early on a billboard poster plastered on the side of the Geneva Palexpo center, the home of the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. We'll be seeing more in just under 24 hours, but for the moment, take a look at all...the...details...umm...

Well, I guess it looks like the new supermini-VW looks a wee bit bigger. We've been told to expect a car that's 3.95 metres (155.5 inches) long compared to the 3.92 metres (154.3 inches) of the previous generation. More details coming soon — just keep our Geneva Motor Show tag in your feed readers constantly updated! [via World Car Fans]

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Ash78, voting early and often

VW has sat idly by while the Fit, Yaris, Fiesta, and others have beaten them to the US subcompact market. I wonder if they'll EVER offer us something smaller than Golf.

Anyway, here's a "spec ad" for the Polo from a couple years back, just in case you haven't seen it (it's called "Suicide Bomber"). Not an officially sanctioned ad, just something from the agency:

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