2009 Volkswagen Scirocco, Driven

Answering the prayers of Vee-Dub fanboys, the new 2009 Volkswagen Scirocco is the first real VW sport coupe since the Corrado. There's just one problem: the car isn't available on our American shores. However, our friend John Mahoney over in the UK has driven it, and he seems to quite like it.
[Channel 4]

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It's useless to argue about VW reliability, for every whine you can come up with I can find someone who's never had a fault with their dub, and vice-versa. They are modern cars, just like any other, so it's pointless to argue about.

I love my MkV GTI, just like I loved my old MKII Golf before it. If VW offered the 'rocco here I think I'd have a brain aneurysm trying to decide between them...

...which may be the point of VW not offering it here yet. In all fairness, we in North American (and the US Specifically) don't "get" hot hatches and small tourers like the Europeans. A typical eurotrash will look at the Scirocco and the GTI and see what's different, but in the 'States we'll look at them and see what's the same, so it may end up trying to decided between he same car for a lot of us.

That having been said, the Scirocco WILL come here, EVENTUALLY. Remember, the R32 wasn't supposed to be here either.