2009 Volkswagen CC Caught In The Wild, Browsing Cannery Row Shops

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Jalopnik reader Colter was wandering along Cannery Row in lovely Monterey, California when he happened upon the first pre-production 2009 VW CC we've seen on the streets. We're assuming it was in town for the Monterey Historics as it was tooling around with a quartet of Lamborghinis. Colter was quick with his phone and able to grab exterior shots from each angle, a pair of interior shots and even photos of the direct-injection, 200 HP, 2.0-liter TSI mill.
A quick comparison to the VW CC shown at the Detroit Auto Show reveals not much was changed. That's good because we were impressed with its sleek design and hopeful that, by slotting a car above the standard Passat, we'd move one step closer to getting the Phaeton back. (Thanks to Colter for sharing these great shots!)

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Rob Emslie

It most certainly was in town for the shows. I think it picked up a "date" the other night too, and it might have even picked up a tattoo.

I saw it at the Concorso Italiano, in the parking lot (worth the price of admission - which was free - of the lot for all the cool cars there) and the VW rep at PB said that they had invited the top U.S. vee-dub dealers to town and had given them each a cc to dive around. Nice car, if you're into 4-place Passats.

BTW, compiling pics now. I've got a sh*t-load of shots from all over the peninsula if anyone is interested.