2009 Nissan Maxima, Revealed!

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Looks like despite an embargo officially dropping sometime tonight or tomorrow on the 2009 Nissan Maxima, it looks like the covers have been lifted a bit early. And after the new Maxima teaser shots we showed yesterday that showed us absolutely nothing, we're glad to finally have the official pics thanks to the boys at the site all about Fans of Cars from around the World. They've managed to procure a few shots of the new Maxima and here they are. We'll have a full set of live photos tomorrow at the official New York Auto Show unveil.

[Nissan via World Car Fans, more shots from Supernissans]



Rob Emslie

I'm guessing that it will remain front-drive only, meaning hellacious torque steer. At least the interior doesn't look like an '80s boom-box any more, although the whole thing reeks of "I'm not sure if I'm a Nissan or an Infiniti and the combination of curves and squares doesn't really work. Oh, and those headlamps- the headlamps! Also, yes Maxima, that color makes your ass look big.