2009 Mercedes SL Images Flood The Net

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We're running out of metaphors to describe the many ways that information, like water, leaks from automakers and bursts through embargoes. In this case it's a flood of pictures from the facelifted 2009 Mercedes SL, and we've got so many of them that we're tempted to start building a giant boat and filling it with pairs of animals. Yesterday it was just two quick glimpses of the 2009 SL 350, today we get exterior and interior photos of the new luxovert.


It's still uncertain what's going on under the hood of the new Mercedes because no one has been nice enough to leak the press release (but that's bound to happen fairly soon). In the meantime, enjoy the cars and the smiley drivers MB trots out for these photos. [Carscoop, World Car Fans]

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Jeff Glucker


In my best Foghat impressions...

I'm in the moooood

That droptop is riiiight

Push down the pedal

We can hoon all niiiiiiight...