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Tom "DJFriar" Craft, an eagle-eyed Jalopnik reader and tipster, ran into what appears to be the next-gen Kia Sorento while in Orange County this week. Tom was on the way down the CA-22, just before Euclid — when he caught the egg-like covered shape heading down the highway beside him on his iPhone camera. The cladding looks like the kind of cladding we've seen on recent kim-chee flavored test vehicles we've seen around town and since he caught it just before he passed the Hyundai-Kia development center out there and since it looks vaguely like a Sorento, that's what we're gonna say it is. Also, we're really enjoying the level of camera shots we've been seeing lately coming from iPhone users — they provide just the right level of graininess to make the shots look so totally, umm, amateurtastic. So keep those car spy shots coming!


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