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2009 Kia Forte: The Car Of The Futurist?

Illustration for article titled 2009 Kia Forte: The Car Of The Futurist?

We've already shown you the surprisingly attractive 2009 Kia Forte and now, thanks to Kia-World, we have a treasure-trove of pictures as well as some more information on the Spectra replacement. According the all-things-Kia site, the new Forte will come with small gas and diesel engine options when it debuts in Korea, with a 2.0-liter engine to follow, likely for the US market. Speaking of the US market, Kia plans to export 200,000 units abroad in 2009 and we assume a lot of those are set to head this way. How will they fight off the Chevy Cruze and other comers?
Aiming for the buyer that wants a lot of features for a little scratch, the Forte will come with high-end tidbits including a Bluetooth smart key, a voice-recognition-enabled nav system, side and curtain airbags, Vehicle Dynamic Control and active headrests. Couple that with the sharp exterior and you've got a vehicle that could expand the brand's market share. That being said, we don't really understand how this is a "futurist" vehicle and not a "futuristic" vehicle. [Kia-World]


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Rob Emslie

@damnElantra: God, I was thinking the same thing. Creepy car!