Well, we've now got the first running video of the just revealed 2009 Jaguar XF and yes, it certainly looks better on the road than it did when we first saw the press shots. However, it's still a few steps removed from the hotness that was the concept C-XF revealed at the this year's Detroit Auto Show. And by a few steps, we probably mean flights of stairs. But we digress, at least now we know a little bit more about the sedan that Jaguar hopes will give the pretty kitty brand the title of "the sports sedan brand of the world." Because you know, "it's theirs for the taking." We didn't realize how much the speedometer and tachometer look like the eyes of a cat on that dark black instrument panel. Scary! Guess we'll be waiting to check out the dash ourselves in two weeks at the Frankfurt Auto Show when it's officially unveiled. [Motor Authority]


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