2009 Chevy Camaro Caught In Winter Wonderland of Detroit, Still Blurry

Maybe the 2009 Chevy Camaro just wants to build a snowman. Or maybe just do some figure eights. Whatever the reason, the quick-to-the-shot spy shooters at KGP have snagged some photos of the 2009 Chevy Camaro playing around in the snowy winter wonderland that is Detroit. While the shots aren't exactly like the Camaro interior pictures or the Camaro engine bay shots we showed you a few weeks back, they do share a striking similarity — both are blurry as all get out. Full spy report from KGP after the jump.

Camaro prototypes have finally hit the ground in Detroit. The
Camaro's arrival in "The D" seems long overdue, after being teased for
weeks with sightings from Australia, Los Angeles, and even Sweden.
True to Bob Lutz's promise, one of the two Camaro prototypes we
snapped in Michigan was running completely camouflage-free, clad in
nothing more than a sinister black-on-black paint scheme. The other
prototype was fresh off the transport truck, still sporting the black-
and-white squiggle theme and the red-and-orange Aussie-spec tail-lights.

We hope this signals the start of more on-the-road testing in the

Motor City, as the Camaro finally hits the home stretch to actual



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